Minneapolis Star Tribune

"...wickedly funny"

"...winning music and some wickedly funny portrayals."

"...should fill Plymouth Playhouse for many months."

"...celebrates moments that constitute poignant
memories for nearly anyone."

" 'Church Basement Ladies' is exquisite."

"...a clever take on worship life, no matter what your stripe."

"...a hot-dish musical that is doing casserole business..."

- Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

Minnesota Monthly (MPR):

"... dishing up laughs and poignancy in equal measure."

- Minnesota Monthly

St. Paul Pioneer Press

"...an affectionate peek at community life with a pinch of whimsy..."

"After a year, The 'Church Basement Ladies' are still cookin' "

"The best example of a 'made in MN' show that has gone on to long lucrative runs here, and in other parts of the country."

- Dominic Papatolla, St. Paul Pioneer Press

FM 107.1 WFMP

"You'll laugh until your side dish hurts!"

"So funny, people might go to church to hang in the basement."

-    Ian Punnett, FM 107.1, Mpls. WFMP

Fargo Forum

"...most certainly funny!"

"...an affectionate send-up to the women who keep the
wheels of ritual running."

"You don't have to be Lutheran to get all the gags..."

"...full of not just laughs; it's covered with a sweet affection that
goes down like a desert bar."

- Tom Pantera, Fargo Forum

Minot Daily News

"Bus drivers report people still are doubled over with laughter
when they get back on their chartered bus."

- Kim Fundlingsland, Minot Daily New

Duluth News/Tribune

"Church Basement Ladies brews up yuks."

- Duluth News/Tribune

Metro Lutheran Newspaper (Twin Cities)


"...wonderful, wacky performance."

"The best endorsement of all may be this: it's hard to get a ticket."

- Mike Sherer, Metro Lutheran

Sun Newspapers/Plymouth

"I laughed until my ribs hurt ..."

"... good clean fun that gets better every time."

"I enjoyed watching my companions rock with laughter and revel in the show."

- Sally Thompson, Sun Newspapers

Minnetonka Magazine

"The performance is a hoot ..."

"Want to see a white-haired lady wearing an apron and
orthopedic shoes dance the polka?"

- Suzanne P. Campbell, Minnetonka Magazine

Lavender Magazine

"Church Basement Ladies" is a vivacious, emotionally expressed comedy chock-full of wonderfully madcap performances and charming tunes."

- John Townsend, Lavender Magazine

Tourism Quotes

"This show is the talk of every tour operator."

- Visit Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Association

"I wouldn't do Minnesota without the Church Basement Ladies!"

"Adding the Church Basement Ladies to your itinerary results in extremely happy travelers!"

"Prepare to loose complete control of your group... loved every minute of it!"

"...absolutely the funniest time I've ever had at church aka Plymouth Playhouse. Amen!"

- Clayton Whitehead, CTP
Vice President Sports Leisure Vacations
Sacramento, CA/Savannah, GA

River Cities' Reader (Quad Cities - Il & IA)

"...the most loving kind of satire you could imagine."

"...raucous laughter!"

"...charming and hilarious!"

- Mike Schulz, River Cities' Reader

Quad City Times

"...a thoroughly enjoyable treat you won't want to miss."

"as cute as it can be."

"the antics keep you smiling"

"...it is definitely entertaining, and who could ask for more than that?"

- Ruby Nancy, Quad City Times

Rock Island Argus

"gentle laughs and good vibes."

"...a genuine affinity for it's characters and setting."

"...the fastest-selling show in Circa 21's history,.."

- Sean Leary, Rock Island Argus

Galesburg Register-Mail

"Laugh alert!"

"...the play will strike a chord with any woman who has worked a wedding reception, funeral dinner or a church fundraising meal."

"Go see it. It's great!"

- Carol Moore, Galesburg Register-Mail


"The biggest financial hit the theatre (Circa 21) has ever had."

-   Sean Leary, Quad Cities On Line


Tour Quotes

"Wonderful in every rergard" - Austin, MN
"Terrific entertainment" - LaJunta, CO
"...could have easily hosted another evening's performance"
- Jamestown, ND
"absolutely charming!" - Fremont, NE
"Best show I've seen in years!" - Story City, IA
"Most enjoyable show of the season!" - Grand Island, NE
"terrific, outstanding, fantastic!" - Fairbury, NE
"You are the reason we sold out our series this season!" - New Ulm, MN
"Can't imagine what would make this better." - Dickinson, ND
"...the performance couldn't be beat!" - Burlington, CO
"The high point of our 25 years of programing"- Minocqua, WI
"The best program we've ever had!" - Roseau, MN
"Best attendance we've ever had!" - Thief River Falls, MN
"Best thing I've seen in years!" - Rapid City, SD

Rapid City (SD) Weekly News

"Church Basement Ladies' proves to be a delight."

"The sold-out crowd...was enthusiastically pleased."

"The audience gave a well-deserved standing ovation..."

"...a delightful production."

- Victor Weidensee, Rapid City Weekly News

The Nashville Scene

"...cast is polished and full of energy."

"...music is a smorgasbord of lively styles, lyrics tight and always rhyming true."

"The audience gave a well-deserved standing ovation..."

"... wholesome, small-town nostalgia."

- Martin Brady, Nashville Scene

The Tennessean

"...an enjoyable piece of entertainment."

"These Producers are on to something."

"The audience gave a well-deserved standing ovation..."

- Catherine Coke, The Tennessean

The City Paper (Nashville)

"...what makes Church Basement Ladies work is it's universal appeal"

"...you don't have to be Scandinavian to appreciate the laughs"

"Like Grandma's favorite Jell-O recipe, it's a sweet treat..."

- Amy Stumpfl, Nashville City Paper


"...a loving tribute...clever songs, hilarious choreography."

"...it makes you smile a lot...you should take in this show, you won't be sorry."

- Bill Blankenship, Topeka Capital-Journal

(Newspaper of the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS)

"...an evening that provides plenty of laughs, a touch of nostalgia,and just a little bit of religious introspection as well."

"Fans of Garrison Keillor's 'Prairie Home Companion' will have no trouble translating their Catholic experience to this Lutheran kitchen."

" ...religious message is woven quietly into the background of the church basement shenanigans."

"...sends everyone home with a tune running through their head and a little something to warm the heart."

- Anita McSorley, The Leaven


"You don't have to be Lutheran or Minnesotan to fall in love with 'Church Basement Ladies' "

"...a sweet, heart-touching and hilarious look at the women who keep the coffee and food flowing."

"...sweet, heart-touching and hilarious..."

- Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle


"...genial, wholesome, gently satirical."

- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


"...sweetnatured show is filled with folksy humor."

"It is one of those plays that becomes a legendary moneymaker..."

- Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun Times


" If you're Lutheran,   the jokes will ring like a church bell; if you merely hail from the upper Midwest, the osmosis factor will probably get you anyway."

"Trust me, we all know one of the Church Basement ladies."

- Veronica Rueckert, WI State Journal


"...had it's aproned and red-hatted audience giggling and hooting."

"It was a riot, Church ladies are the same no matter what building they're in."

- Lindsay Christians, The Capital Times


"...smorgasbord of tasty treats."

"Wonderful laugh-out-loud scenes and several touching moments."

"this frothy little comedy is fairly bursting at the seams with folksy humor."

"...get a big green Jell-O scoop of CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES before it's all gobbled up. You'll be glad you did."

- Bruce G. Bradley, Isthmus, The Daily Page


"Move over, "Menopause The Musical". "Church Basement Ladies"
is coming to challenge your popular appeal."

- Joan E. Vadeboncoeur, The Post-Standard

KFMG 99.1 FM "The Culture Buzz" (Des Moines, IA)

"Filled with universal appeal"

"...the perfect ingredients for a satisfying evening of heart-warming entertainment."

"...zeros in on this wonderful, memory-tweaking part of American culture."

"This is a sure-fire recipe for success."

"...a generous helping of humor and home-spun philosophy."

"You most assuredly don't have to be Lutheran to savor the wittyand recognizable dialoge and interplay."

"...a hilarious snapshot of classic comedy."

"...a smooth, enjoyable ride down memory lane."

"...will leave a warm glow deep within long after the final bows."

"...an exceptional evening of rib-tickling fun."

- John Busbee, "The Culture Buzz" KFMG 99.1 FM