Church Basement Ladies 2: A Second Helping!
Media quotes:

St. Paul Pioneer Press / Dominic Papatola

"Still doing the good stuff."

"The ladies are back and they’re still cookin’"

"Homey, well-observed, tuneful endeavor, Spot-on in tone and smartly performed"

“The second serving is spiced with the same humor.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune / Graydon Royce

"those who missed the first service should welcome the second chance."

"Fans of the first... should find every reason to like this version."

"Church Basement Ladies 2 ... cooks!"

"...this version sends away with more to think about..."

"... brisk staging... great rapport and playfulness..."

98.5 KTIS/Mornings / Pam Lundell

"A big helping of fun and no leftovers"

"I laughed, I cried, I bought a pair of sensible shoes "

 Sun Newspapers / Sally Thompson

"It's a show everyone will enjoy."

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, and then laugh some more."

"Church Basement Ladies" was such a delightful show that only one thing could top it - "Church Basemen Ladies 2: Second Helpings," of course."

 Lakeshore Weekly News / Ed Huyck

"Crafted with good humor and charm."

Metro Lutheran / Mike Sherer 

"... bring your appetite. This is a feast for the soul."

"... more wonderful wackiness ..."

"…a happy, wholesome marriage of very funny writing…a fresh supply of
cleverly written and executed music and lyrics.."

Lavender Magazine (Mpls.) / John Townsend

"Most satisfying and touching show to come along this year!"

"…poignancy – wit balance wonderfully…done subtly, with respect and

Wichita Eagle / Bob Curtwright

“…a gentle, tuneful, deliciously evocative feast.”

Battle Creek Enquirer / Christopher Tower

“Cooks Up Fun!”

KC Metropolis / Diane Thompson

“The upbeat tunes and talented cast kept the audience tapping their feet and laughing along the way”

Quad City Reader / Jill Walsh

“It was refreshing to see a production that focused on the oftentimes
uncelebrated women of advanced years.”

Rock Island Argus / Jonathan Turner

“…an entertaining, unexpectedly moving dish – warm, tasty and comforting.”

“…endearing music and comedy and heartfelt emotion.”

“…a treat not ot be missed!”

Quad City Times / David Burke

“If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll enjoy this one as well!”

Syracuse Post Standard / Tony Curulla

“Serves up a message about human relationships in an entertaining,
unthreatening way.”

“Lyrically, quite clever and theatrically engaging and important.”

"…an audience pleaser."

Capital Times (Madison, WI) / Rena Archwamety

“One needs not to have seen the first one to enjoy ‘A Second Helping’”

“…the audience erupted in laughter nearly every other line.”

Wisconsin Rapids Tribune / Ted Moskones

“The only complaint we heard was that the audience members sides hurt from
laughing too much.”

“Outrageously funny!”

Naples News (Florida) / Chris Silk

“a ladle full of laughter.”

“They roared at every joke as if it was their last night on earth…It was one of
the best audiences I’ve ever been a part of.”

“You don’t need to be familiar with the characters, nor do you have to have any
-any at all- experience with Lutherans to get the jokes. Go prepared to laugh
at three very funny, silly, loving (and nosy ) old ladies (from any religion) who
like to cook, jabber, and care deeply about their community, their church and
each other.”

Auburn Public Opinion /David Wilcox

“The laughter drowned out the dialogue at several moments in the show.”

“..nonstop humor and a heartfelt message.”

Syracuse New Times / James MacKillop

“…redefines what good clean fun can mean.”

Grand Rapids (MN) Herald-Review / Nathan Bergstedt

“A Production high in quality”

Ft Myers, FL The Island Reporter / Marsha Wagner

“…is currently causing a laugh riot.”

“The sequel reprises the same ladies in all their ‘uffda’ yelling, knife-flailing,
Wonder-bread wearing Minnesotan glory.”

“…one need not have seen the first one in order to enjoy ‘A Second helping’,
which is even better.”

“delightfully goofy…giggle-producing, one-liners…”

“ The hap, hap, happy audience explodes into belly laughs at nearly every bit of dialogue.”

“If Garrison Keillor tickles your funnybone, then you’re gonna be in hog