The Church Basement Ladies in:
Press Cutlines:

Graydon Royce / Star Tribune

“Fans of the Church Basement Ladies should feel cozily at home with the newest installment”

“…how does “A Mighty Fortress” hold up? Pretty well!”

Bob Hulteen / The Metro Lutheran

“…a rip-roaring good time.”

“It recaptures some of the original sparkle while developing the show’s characters in significant ways.”

“The crowd was on it’s feet within seconds of the closing riff…”

“With a strong script by Greta Grosch and poignant lyrics and music by Drew Jansen, this show is worth the time.”

Dominic Papatolla / St Paul Pioneer Press

“The genius of the CBL shows is that poor knowledge (of past CBLs) is an optional benefit.”

“It will more than suffice for the Church Basement Ladies’ legions of fans.”

Ed Huyck / Minneapolis CityPages

“…another hit for the Plymouth Playhouse.”

“…a light and funny script…songs are bright and frothy."

Jean Gabler / TC Daily Planet

“The Church Basement Ladies will always be able to deliver.””

Pam Lundell /98.5 KTIS Morning Show

“The Church Basement Ladies shine in their latest offering."

"... brought back memories of wonderful and yes, crazy church basement ladies from my past.”

"No one can dish out love, life AND a hotdish like the CBL’s."

"They make us laugh AND cry while singin’ and dancin’ in the most sensible shoes."

John Townsend / Lavender Magazine

“Outlandishly hilarious…lifts the comedy to borderline Chekhovian levels.”

“Slapstick mastery that would make the Marx Brothers giggle.”

“…best Church Basement music and lyrics yet.”