The Church Basement Ladies in The Last (Potluck) Supper

 Dominic Papatola / Pioneer Press

“… gives a warm and homey sense.”

Graydon Royce / Star Tribune

“… a down-home charmer that offers loads of laughs.”

“We laugh with these characters… we root for them… and applaud them…”

“… staged efficiently… moves with confidence.”

 Lakeshore Weekly News / Ed Huyck

“… as comforting as Mom’s hamburger hotdish.”

“… plenty of energy and humor…”

Pam Lundell, Morning Co-host of KTIS 98.2 Radio

"Go see it now!  These ladies are so funny, sweet and talented..."

"If you are of Norweigan/Swedish heritage, you'll think you are at a family reunion...onstage and in the audience..."

" the Church Basement Ladies because they are so real and part of all of us..."

"Just a wonderful and memorable evening..."
Twin Cities Daily Planet

"...will not want to miss this final act." 

Audience Reviews

“This play was fantastic!  Could not believe the talent. My friend and I laughed so hard it was totally unbelievable!”

“So funny! Great acting! Glad we went!”

Group Reviews

"A guaranteed full motorcoach each time."  
- Chuck Thiel, Community Club Tours

"My groups love the shows... so entertaining...we all go home laughing!"  
 - J & M Tours, Minnesota

"I can pretty much expect a sell-out every time."    
- Gary Block Tours, Minnesota