Church Basement Ladies 2: A Second Helping!
Media quotes:

TC Daily Planet (Minneapolis) / Jean Gabler

"A feel good holiday entertainment"

"Away In The Basement will leave you smiling"

Minneapolis Star Tribune / Graydon Royce

"… a soft, sentimental musical."

"… a gentle spoof of Christmas church traditions…"

Twin Cities Metro Lutheran / Bob Hulteen

"So spot on!"

The Southern (Carbondale, IL) / Codell Rodriguez

"…hilarious and true to life"

The Daily Item (Sunbury, PA) / Jeffrey Allen Federowicz

"…a welcoming break from the hectic rush of the holidays."

Yahoo! Contributor Network /  R.C. Johnson

"Catch the antics of those Church Basement Ladies!"

"If you’ve read any of the ‘church ladies’ books, you are sure to
appreciate the humor"